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Yellow Grey Shrug Set

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The shrug dress is not only you can use as a complete set, but you can also wear the dress alone, the shrug alone with your jeans, and wear the dress with a waistcoat.

The styling options are limitless, just let your imagination magic work on this stunning set. 

Fabric: Pure Cotton - Handblock Printed

Color: Yellow, Grey, and White

Dress: Sleeveless with a keyhole at the back - 45 inches long

Shrug: White with grey - 45 inches long

Both Shrug & Dress has one pocket to the right. 

Care Instructions
By default please wash the outfits separately for the first 2 washes.
1. Preferably hand wash all your cotton garments in case of machine wash please follow the step below
2. Machine Wash: Turn your pure cotton garments inside out before placing them in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle with cold water to prevent color fading and maintain fabric integrity.

> Mild Detergent: Opt for a mild, pH-balanced detergent to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage cotton fibers. Follow the detergent's instructions for the appropriate amount to use.

> Avoid Overcrowding: Ensure there's enough space in the machine for the clothes to move freely. Overcrowding can lead to inadequate cleaning and increased friction, which might cause pilling or stretching.

> Gentle Drying: After washing, gently reshape the garment and let it air dry in a shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause colors to fade. If you prefer using a dryer, use the lowest heat setting to prevent excessive shrinkage.

3. Ironing: Cotton garments may require ironing to eliminate wrinkles. Use a medium to high heat setting and iron while the fabric is slightly damp or use a steam iron. To prevent shine, iron on the reverse side or use a pressing cloth.
> If the garments are handwashed, hang the outifts in a hanger and leave it to

Remember to always check the product description as some variations or blends might have slightly different care instructions if it is naturally dyed.
Yellow Grey Shrug Set
Yellow Grey Shrug Set
Yellow Grey Shrug Set
Yellow Grey Shrug Set
Yellow Grey Shrug Set
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